Who We Are

CPC logoThe Center for Pastoral Counseling of Virginia was established in 1996. We provide professional counseling that is sensitive to relational and emotional issues, as well as to spiritual issues. Our counselors bring traditional psychological training to their work, with additional expertise in working with clients from a spiritual frame of reference.

CPC counselors are fully certified, licensed mental health professionals, who respect the spirituality of our clients and never preach or proselytize. We are equipped to help the person who comes to counseling looking for their spirituality to be a part of their healing, and completely respectful of the person who comes to counseling not wishing to address spiritual issues at all.

Because of this special perspective, we are well-equipped to respond to issues of life that are often expressed in questions of purpose, meaning and direction. Although many of our centers are housed in churches, we are an interfaith organization, not affiliated with any one denomination or church. We also have offices outside of church settings for those who prefer not to be seen in a church related setting. If you wish to be seen in an office setting not affiliated with a church, please let our referral coordinator know, and we can refer you to one of our centers in a medical office building (Springfield or Sterling Center.)

Counseling staff with Center for Pastoral Counseling of Virginia have been helping people in northern Virginia and DC for more than 40 years. CPC has centers throughout Northern Virginia and in Washington, DC. CPC counselors are also available upon request to provide presentations for your congregation, school or community organization.