Business Office Manager:

The role of the Business Office Manager (BOM) is to support the sound business and fiscal operation and program of the Center for Pastoral Counseling of Virginia (CPC). The BOM coordinates with and supports the functions of an outside accountant and website master. The BOM reports to the Chair of the Board/ Council and Admin./Finance Workgroup, as well as to the full Board/Council. CPC’s business office is in McLean, VA.

  • Properly records and maintains records for all income deposited by counselors or received otherwise by CPC.
  • Reviews invoices; processes payments and records them into accounting records.
  • Assembles, verifies, and prepares data needed for monthly payroll, including deposits by counselors, client credit card payments, reimbursement requests, deductions to be taken from payroll, etc. and maintains documentation related to payroll for monthly submission to Paychex.
  • Coordinates completion of payroll and accounting activities with outside accountant and our payroll vendor Paychex; processes monthly retirement plan payments.
  • Periodically reviews accounts and consults with Accountant by e-mail as needed.
  • Picks up office mail for inter-agency distribution, notifies counselors of checks and deposits/distributes those checks as requested.
  • Prepares and provides monthly financial reports and business office recommendations to Council and the three CPC Workgroup Chairs; staffs annual budget development.
  • Attends one Council and one Admin./Finance Workgroup meeting in Fairfax monthly, and prepares and distributes those monthly minutes, staffs Annual Board Meeting.
  • Coordinates with CPC’s web/marketing consultant and Outreach Workgroup regarding CPC’s marketing database, electronic newsletters, website maintenance, and development of marketing materials.
  • Assists Workgroups in form formatting and coordinates vendor printing.
  • Coordinates annual selection of corporate insurance policies, and manages the insurance benefit programs made available to the staff as benefits/voluntary insurance. Processes routine changes of staff covered with insurance carriers.
  • Recommends and (with Board approval) purchases/leases office equipment/software as needed; orders supplies as needed and maintains, with vendor support, the voice mail system, computers, fax machine, copier, telephone and internet, etc.
  • Coordinates with the outside accountant the annual completion of IRS Form 5500 for the retirement plan and IRS Form 990, the Federal tax return for non-profit organizations, and processes annual Charitable Organization registration and business licenses.
  • Maintains/oversees a secure, HIPAA-compliant database of current clients.
  • Orients new counselors to the payroll process, including forms and record requirements, voice mail and website page set-up, and orders business cards.
  • Participates in business organizational planning functions with the Board/Workgroups.
  • Related duties as assigned by the Chair/Vice-Chair of the Board.

The person filling this position will have at least an associate degree in business and accounting or equivalent experience, as well as experience in a similar or higher level position. Experience with QuickBooks or similar software and computer/internet proficiency is required. Strong candidates will have a baccalaureate degree and non-profit management experience. Essential qualities for CPC’s BOM position include initiative, dependability, good communication skills, the ability to work independently and to be accurate with details.

The duties of this position are expected to require between 20-25 hours per week on average, with an initial pay rate of $25 per hour, depending on experience. Flexible hours and flexible work location are possible.

Desired Start Date: May 1.

Persons interested in applying should mail a cover letter and hard-copy resume to: Search Committee, Center for Pastoral Counseling of VA, P.O. Box QQ, McLean VA 22101-0700. Please also provide an electronic copy of your application by e-mail to: Rev. Kevin L. Ogle, D.Min, at


If you are a trained psychotherapist with experience in counseling and working with clients around spiritual issues, we would love to hear from you. CPC of Virginia is a non-profit organization, and our counseling staff is committed to both the highest quality of service to those whom we serve, as well as maintaining connection with one another and working in community. We also strive to work in collaborative ministry with the church communities who refer to us, and who generously provide space for our offices.

If you are interested in working with a kind, loving, dynamic, skilled group of therapists, working with clients from all walks of life on issues of psychological and spiritual growth, please send a cover letter and CV to:

Carey Gauzens, Clinical Coordinator
Center for Pastoral Counseling of Virginia
P.O. Box QQ
McLean, VA 22101
(703) 903-9696 ext. 252

We are currently seeking a licensed counselor who has specialized training and experience working with children and their families. Certification as a play therapist is preferred for a counselor interested in providing services in the child-friendly office space at the CPC Center at Annandale United Methodist Church, Annandale, VA. For more information, please call Carey Gauzens, Clinical Coordinator, at (703) 903-9696 ext 255.

Center for Pastoral Counseling of Virginia is always looking for talented counselors to join our team!