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This copyrighted recording, Yearning at the Well: Shame and the Journey to Healing was created by the staff of the Center For Pastoral Counseling of Virginia. It is a gift from us to you. We hope you will copy and share this recording with others…spreading what we hope will be a grace-filled and healing word for all who suffer from shame. This recording was made possible by a generous gift of a client who, in addition to his work with his pastoral counselor, read and studied, and listened to tapes of the Dutch Roman Catholic priest, Henri Nouwen.

Upon giving CPC the gift to create these audio recordings: this generous client said of his healing: “I first needed to hear God’s mighty and caring invitation, apart from and above all I had previously known. And because of how my heart’s ears were first broken—and broken still more by me over thirty years—I need to also hear that voice incarnate, as well– pressed up close to all that I am, and with a “rewind” button for every time I miss it. My prayer for the listener is that you can listen to this recording as often as necessary, and that you will experience the life-giving surprise and re-creative joy that flowed through the woman at the well, when her new friend showed her that she could answer God’s gentle invitation –by simply and honestly sharing her own story–including her shame.”

We hope that this client’s generous gift, and our counselors’ efforts on this CD, will touch your heart and help you leave behind the pain and paralysis of shame, and invite you into a journey that helps you to see and feel the sacred being you are, and were originally created to be.