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  • Caring for the Self

Caring for the Self

Caring for the Self by Erin Swenson-Reinhold, DMin, LCSW The mind/body/spirit connection is a powerful triad.   When in alignment, it can run like a finely tuned machine; however, it takes a mere kink to throw off the balance and for problems to arise.  The therapeutic process offers the opportunity to examine each aspect of this triad and to identify our [...]

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  • mindfulness

Mindfulness: A Calming and Enriching Practice to a Fuller Life.

Mindfulness: A Calming and Enriching Practice to a Fuller Life. by Alexandra Delaroderie, MA Life is precious and has so much to offer; yet our lives are busy with the daily routine of work, family, and activities. This fast paced hectic lifestyle causes stress, anxiety, frustration, and even depression. These emotions are natural; but sometimes can have significant effects on our behavior, bodies, mind, [...]

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  • Divorce word cloud concept

Divorcing in the Triangle

Divorcing in the Triangle by Carey Gauzens, LCSW, CP. Clinical Coordinator/Psychotherapist Having worked in the mental health field for more than 30 years now, I have seen a great many people, who have come in seeking help for a variety of different issues. I have been privileged to listen to the stories of those who have lost a loved one, I have [...]

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  • 5 Tips For Happy Marriage

5 Tips For a Happy Marriage

5 Tips For a Happy Marriage Or What’s Friendship Got To Do With It? by Deborah Styler, MS, Resident MFT Therapist As a kid I thought it was really embarrassing when my dad would tell the neighbors, “I don’t run for my life, I walk with my wife!” as he and my mom strolled along hand in hand on our family walks [...]

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January/February 2010 Reflections

The Power of Movement By:  Heather Guthrie-Hoey “All it takes is that first step to start your journey.” The smallest action can lead to meaningful change. Take a moment.  What are you doing right now?  Can you feel your inhalation and exhalation of life giving breath?  As you are reading this, your eyes are likely shifting back and forth.  Maybe [...]

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Fall 2009 Sacred Space Newsletter

Center for Pastoral Counseling of Virginia Sacred Space AUTUMN 2009 In This Issue A Meditation on Lazarus In Memorium: Donald L. Britton Book Review: BLINK by Malcolm Gladwell About the CPC Residents Featured Quote "....the kind of wisdom that somone acquires after a lifetime of learning... BLNK is an attempt to understand this magical mysterious thing called judgement." Malcolm Gladwell Welcome to [...]

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September Reflections

As Autumn Falls By Carey Gauzens, LCSW, CP As fall gets into full swing and school begins again, we gear up for leaving summer behind and getting into the pace of the academic year. Summer clothes are put away, fall weather is prepared for and kids either grumble or celebrate the beginning of a new year at school (depending on how they feel about school!) Grownups and kids alike can feel the quickened pace as the last days of summer fade, and we launch into fall. At the same time, fall, and the prospect of the winter that will follow, can bring its own set of stressors. Parents and kids alike often take on more stress, as they try to manage tighter schedules, and more demands on their time. Those who love the fall colors and the cooler weather rejoice, while those who are not fans of the cold weather bid a mournful goodbye to the warmth of the summer sun. As fall schedules get into full swing and winter waits close behind, it is a good time to talk a bit about mental health. Just as our physical health can sometimes fluctuate with the seasons (more colds or flu as the weather gets colder, sunburns when the summer sun is high) so can our feelings fluctuate with the seasons. Here are just a few mental health issues to be aware of, as fall rolls around: […]

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August Reflections

Summer Sleep by Doug Thorpe, PhD Summertime. Say the word out loud a couple of times. Feel your blood pressure drop and the muscles at the back of your neck relax. Summer is a time for slowing down, dropping the pace. School is out, vacation rolls around, church schedules ease, and fireflies put on their evening show while we enjoy a bowl of ice cream. Summer is a time for catching up on all those things we’ve been intending to get to, like cleaning out closets or organizing the photos on our computer or watching DVDs of the movies we missed when they were in the theaters. Summer should also be a time for catching up on sleep. The gentler rhythms of summer ought to provide us a chance to snooze away our accumulated sleep debt. But here Nature makes it difficult for us. Summer features the longest periods of daylight and the hottest temperatures of the year. Neither bright light nor hot, humid air are conducive to sleep. For solid, restful sleep in the dog days of summer, follow these tips. Find your ideal sleep temperature and make your bedroom match it. Since most bedrooms run too hot in summer, install a ceiling fan or a window air conditioner. Put a fan in the window to pull hot air out of upstairs bedrooms. Draw the blinds during the day to keep the bedroom dark and cool. Try sleeping in the basement where it’s cooler. Unless you truly enjoy watching the sun rise, keep your bedroom dark. While you’re keeping the morning sun out, block the intrusion of noise as well. Between neighbors partying on their patio until the wee hours and birds in the oak tree announcing the first light in the sky, the period of quiet can get short some nights. If you can’t keep light and sound out of your bedroom, consider an eye mask and ear plugs. You’ll look like the Lone Ranger, but you’ll sleep like Rip VanWinkle. […]

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