Fatima Mirza, PhD, MSW

*Supervisee in Social Work

Fatima Mirza, PhD, MSW, grew up in Northern Virginia and has been active in the Muslim community throughout her life. Her experiences and schooling have sensitized her to the complex interactions between individuals, families, and communities, especially for individuals who are members of minority racial and religious communities.


Fatima strongly believes in the inherent strengths that live in all people, and that continuous growth is one of the primary goals of life. She encourages clients to be active in setting their goals and working towards realizing their own success. Her clinical work is deeply connected to her research and community activism as she believes that working for social justice is a natural extension of the work therapists do with their clients.


Fatima is a Muslim counselor and can help with anxiety, depression, trauma, adolescents youth, community education, mindfulness, spirituality, premarital counseling and pastoral counseling. She works with adolescents (High School aged) , young adults, adults, older adults.


She completed her Master’s in Social Work at Virginia Commonwealth University which helped her gain more experience working with young people and individuals who had experienced traumatic events. Fatima recently completed her Ph.D. in Social Work at the University of Maryland, Baltimore, gaining advanced training in research. Her dissertation research focused on improving our understanding of Muslim American youth identity and the factors related to Muslim American youth engagement in risk behaviors. More information about her research is available at: www.id-mosaics.com. She is currently a Supervisee in Social Work gaining postgraduate hours required for state licensure.

Fatima Mirza- Center For Pastoral Counseling


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McLean, Sterling

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