Tamara Philbin, MS, NCC (in residence)

Tamara Philbin is a National Certified Counselor who received her Masters in Pastoral Counseling from Loyola University of Maryland. She has worked with adults suffering from childhood sexual abuse, relationship problems, life transitions, depression, anxiety, addictions, and self-esteem issues. Her ongoing professional development includes study and additional training in Internal Family Systems and EMDR.

A non-profit executive for a decade before joining the counseling profession, Tamara has real world management experience to offer in her counseling. As a counselor, Tamara works alongside of her clients, she respects the courage it takes to build the self-awareness essential to overcome challenges.

Tamara has experience with people of varied faith traditions and training in multicultural diversity. She offers clients the option of integrating their spirituality and theological reflection into their therapeutic work. She receives strength through prayer and continues to develop her own spiritual growth. She can be reached at 703-903-9696 ext. 212.


(703) 903-9696 Ext. 212



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