Self Care in the New Year

by Alexandra Delaroderie, MA

Self Care in the New Year

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Happy New Year! Wishing you peace, joy, comfort, and good health!

Now that the hustle bustle of the holidays is over; we are all returning to our routines. Hopefully we are all rested, relaxed, and refreshed as we face the New Year. This is a time to reflect on what good things occurred, what challenges were faced from the previous year, and to look at this New Year as a new beginning.  It is also a time to start fresh with dreams, hopes, and possible changes.  Its learning from the past and taking what worked, making changes where things did not work as well and learning about ourselves and how we can better our lives.

Our lives are all very busy and it seems we are on the perpetual path of being on automatic pilot and not living our lives. We are taking care of our families, work, and other obligations and sometimes forget to take care of ourselves. We nurture our relationships with others but put ourselves last and that can be detrimental. Our needs are just as important as others. We also role-model for our loved ones the importance of self care, which is extremely important as it is good for our physical and mental health. It promotes more energy, self-confidence, and positive feelings (Emily Roberts, 2015).  An important part of self care is getting enough sleep. It is important for us as adults to get enough sleep and to teach our children that having enough sleep helps with focus and energy for the next day. In addition to sleep it is important to eat well, have physical activity, and time for ourselves. By taking care of ourselves it makes dealing with daily life, work, family, and unexpected situations more manageable.  If we do not take care of ourselves it affects our family and friends, and it can lead to burn out.

Here are some self care ideas to assist you:

Going to the gym


Exploring/incorporating spirituality

Doing yoga

Going out with friends  

Reading a book

Exercising a few minutes

In thinking about goals for the New Year I hope you include self care along with your other responsibilities. By taking care of ourselves, we can have a more positive and happy life. I encourage you in this New Year to take care of you.


Roberts, Emily. (2015). Why Self Care is Important for Your Physical and Mental Health. Retrieved January 4, 2018, from


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