People seek counseling for a variety of reasons, and different counselors vary in their approaches to helping clients address the issues that they bring in to counseling. It is important that you feel comfortable with the counselor with whom you choose to work. Center for Pastoral Counseling of Virginia has a variety of therapists who come from diverse backgrounds and have many different approaches to counseling. All of our counselors are fully certified and/or licensed psychotherapists who have additional expertise in the area of integrating the sacred into the healing process. Our approach is to work with each client with great respect for his or her own belief system, never to try to “preach” to a client or “convert” him or her.

We offer the following services at CPC:

Individual Counseling
Couples Counseling
Family Counseling
Children’s Counseling
Premarital Counseling
Classes and Groups
Community Education
Clergy Assessment

For your first appointment, please bring with you the Initial Appointment Paperwork.