Adolescence is a time of transition not only for the teenager, but for the whole family. A child who was previously cooperative and open to suggestion from their parents, may now be trying out new behaviors and independence, and may be facing issues never faced before. Today’s world brings many frightening issues for adolescents to face: sexuality, drugs, alcohol, crime, eating disorders, peer pressure and academic issues to name just a few. It is not unusual for an adolescent’s first symptom of difficulty to be getting in trouble at home or at school. Most CPC counselors who work with adolescents do so with the involvement of the teen’s parents as well, since the adolescent’s issues often affect the larger family. The following CPC counselors work with teens:

Kasey Best, MC
Carey Gauzens, LCSW, CP
Gary McMichael, LCSW, MDiv
Nancy Scott, LCSW