Many people who have grown up with an alcoholic parent or close relative find that they struggle with issues of setting boundaries and taking care of their own needs, rather than focusing outside of themselves on the needs of everyone else around them. ACOA’s may find themselves unconsciously picking alcoholic friends or spouses, without realizing it, because of the “familiar” feeling of always being in the role of taking care of them. In addition, ACOA’s may struggle with feelings of powerlessness, anger and abandonment, as a result of not having learned to care for their own needs. There are many excellent self help books on alcoholism, co-dependency and adult children or partners of alcoholics. One such book is: It Will Never Happen to Me by Claudia Black. Additionally there are 12 step groups throughout the northern Virginia and metro DC area which focus on ACOA issues. Codependents Anonymous, ACOA, ACA (Adult Children Anonymous) and Al Anon groups can be found online or in your telephone directory.

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