Struggling with a chronic illness can deplete a person not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well. Those struggling with chronic illness may feel frustrated or sad, fearful or helpless, and may experience a sense of isolation from those who don’t understand the nature and struggles of living with an illness. Additionally, we may grieve the things we have to give up or curtail as a result of living with a chronic illness. Anxiety or depression may accompany the diagnosis of a chronic illness; additionally, even if a person is not feeling depressed or anxious, medical symptoms such as chronic pain, fatigue and other physical discomfort may mimic depressive symptoms. From a spiritual perspective those who face chronic illness often have to face the limitations of their own bodies, and questions about their spirituality and feelings about God, if they are required to live with a chronic condition that will not heal. Some may struggle with questions about why God would allow them to become sick, or would not heal them, while others may even question whether they are being “punished” or “tested” by God. The following counselors work with those experiencing chronic illness:

Carey Gauzens, LCSW, CP
Nancy Scott, LCSW