When a marriage ends, the results can be devastating, not only on both partners, but on the children as well. One of the most difficult challenges as a couple goes through a divorce is how to continue to co-parent in healthy way, while at the same time dissolving a partnership that has been a deep commitment to one another. Too many times, as the lawyers get involved, the gloves come off and people end up getting more angry and conflicted than they ever intended to. Collaborative Divorce allows couples and families a different option. In a Collaborative Divorce setting, both partners are represented not only by an attorney, but each also has a therapist who acts as a “coach” to assist them work through the process with integrity and fairness. A crucially important piece of the process, also, is that the child or children receive an advocate, to represent their best interests. Research shows that couples who commit to the collaborative divorce process, rather than going to court, end up with a more fair, less hostile divorce, as well as a long term plan for co-parenting that works for both partners and for the children. The following counselors work with collaborative divorce: