Going to college, whether to a local community college or to a university out of the area, is a big transition for a young person. Many young adults make the transition with no problem, but still others require some support as they forge their own paths in the world. College is a time of increased independence, and the need to manage for one’s self, what one’s parents have often been managing for them before. Some young adults find that they struggle with this newfound independence, and either return home or find themselves so homesick they wish they could return home. Other college students enjoy the freedom and the time away, but find themselves lacking the discipline to study, or have difficulty resisting the alcohol, drugs and sexual activity that are often present in college settings. The following CPC counselors work with young adults on issues of college adjustment:

Kasey Best, MC
Carey Gauzens, LCSW, CP
Nancy Scott, LCSW