Eating disorders are unfortunately very common in our society. They are experienced by both men and women of varying ages. Some people experiencing an eating disorder may tend toward overexercising, restricting their normal food intake, or using using laxatives, diuretics or vomiting to “purge,” while others may find themselves binge eating repeatedly in times of stress. What you weigh is not necessarily the most noticeable sign of an eating disorder. Some people with eating disorders are very thin, or are significantly overweight, but often people with eating disorders are of a normal weight. What is more telling is how much you find your life dominated by food, or your thoughts, fears or obsessions about food, eating, exercise or purging. One of the most telling signs of an eating disorder is how much time, energy and attention our weight, body image and relationship with food take up in our lives. If you are struggling with your relationship with food, Nancy Scott, LCSW may be able to help.