Individuals face many losses throughout the life span, including: death of loved ones, divorce, serious illnesses and the loss of relationships, to name just a few. Whenever individuals experience the loss of something important to them, it is normal to experience a grieving process. Grief is often overlooked in our culture, but is one of the most powerful emotions we can experience. It is normal when in a grieving process to feel angry, or lonely, or sad, or frightened or all of those emotions and more all at the same time. Those who are grieving may experience difficulty with eating and sleeping, feeling sad or isolated from others or being angry over the loss. Other people, no matter how well meaning, may not seem to understand the depth of our loss, or may seem to expect us to be “over our loss” in a short period of time.

In fact, it is fairly normal for the grief process to take up to a year or two to work through, depending on the kind of loss an individual has experienced. Sometimes people can move through grief naturally, with the help and support of loved ones, while other times the grief is so intense, and perhaps complex that it may require outside help to heal. If you find yourself feeling, “stuck” in a continual series of painful feelings and memories, it may be helpful to speak with a counselor about your experiences. A counselor specializing in grief and loss may be able to help you explore your loss and, find a way to heal emotionally. The following books have been helpful to many people in their journey through grief: How To Survive The Loss of a Love by Melba Cosgrove, Harold Bloomfield and Peter McWilliams and How To Go On Living When Someone You Love Dies by Therese Rando.

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