Self esteem is a crucial part of living a healthy life. When we believe in ourselves and see ourselves as valuable, and created in a sacred image, we learn to value ourselves, care for ourselves and protect ourselves and our loved ones from danger. Many events or internal beliefs may interfere with a sense of healthy self esteem, and may cause a person not to believe in themselves, or to believe themselves to be “less than” others or “fatally flawed.”

It is crucial to find a way to value one’s self and to care for ourselves and others. When the self esteem is damaged, a person may find him or herself: accepting hurtful treatment from others, repeatedly becoming involved in relationships with those who are disrespectful or abusive, and exposing one’s self to harm or danger. Developing a healthy self love and self respect is crucial to living a healthy life and participating in healthy, loving relationships. Working to empower yourself can help you stand up for your needs, protect yourself and your loved ones, and ensure that you are treated with care and respect by those around you.

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