Few addictions bring about the level of pain and shame with an individual and a relationship as sexual addiction. Because issues of addiction are particularly painful ones to face, and sexuality is such a private issue, sexual addiction often goes unspoken of, when talking through the issues and getting help can assist a person in realizing they are not alone. It can be tremendously healing and freeing to realize that you are not alone, and that there is healing for your pain. Sexual addiction can take many forms. This may include: the inability to form a lasting relationship, yet repeatedly seeking out sexual relationships with strangers, feeling drawn toward pornography on the internet, in movies or in magazines, repeated extramarital affairs or any other sexually compulsive behavior which interferes with your daily life or relationship(s).

Because sexuality is such a private matter and what is considered “normal” can differ widely, it is often difficult for a person or their partner to identify what constitutes a “problem.

It may be helpful to ask such questions as:

  • How comfortable am I with my sexual choices and activity?
  • How do I (and my partner) feel about my demands for sex within my relationship?
  • Do I find myself unavailable to my partner, or to a serious relationship, because of my activities with
    • pornography,
    • prostitution
    • affairs
    • other behaviors which take my attention away from my relationship?

Help for sexual addiction, much like other addictions, comes from learning about the roots of the problem, addressing your feelings and behaviors honestly, and embarking on a recovery process to stop the behaviors and patterns which hurt yourself and/or others.

The following CPC counselors work with sexual addiction:

Gary McMichael, LCSW, MDiv
Kevin Ogle, DMin, AAPC Fellow