Struggling with issues of sexual identity can be a confusing, lonely and difficult path. Because sexuality is such a personal issue, it can also be very difficult to find someone with whom you feel safe talking through your feelings and questions. Especially in faith communities, differences in belief about how God calls individuals to live can be divisive and painful. Whatever your belief about this issue, it can be confusing and frightening to feel uncertain or different, and the stress of these feelings can interfere with your ability to live fully and authentically.

Some may feel especially wary of coming to a “pastoral counseling” setting to explore issues about sexual identity. CPC counselors are committed to meeting individuals where they are, and assisting each person to find their own answers, based on their own particular values and beliefs. Because of this approach, CPC counselors have successfully worked with individuals from all areas of the social and religious spectrum. Our goal is not to advocate a particular path, but to help each person find and follow the path they themselves feel called to follow. If you have questions about your counselor’s approach to working with sexual identity questions, please do not hesitate to share your beliefs and ask your counselor whether they feel able to support your beliefs.

The following CPC counselors work with issues of sexual identity:

Kevin Ogle, DMin, AAPC Fellow
Nancy Scott, LCSW