Stress is a fact of life. While there are “positive” forms of stress, such as planning an upcoming wedding, adjusting to a new promotion or purchasing your first home, there are also “negative” stressors, such as: unemployment, financial difficulties and relationship conflicts. Whether you are facing “positive” stress or “negative” stress, that stress can still impact one’s mental and physical health. Medical research shows that unaddressed stress can cause or contribute to physical illnesses. Learning ways to cope with stress can be an investment in not only your emotional health, but your physical health as well.

If you find yourself experiencing signs and symptoms of stress, whether they are physical (difficulty eating or sleeping, trouble with blood pressure or digestion) or emotional (anger, frustration, sadness, anxiety), it may be useful to see a counselor to help you explore how to decrease the stress in your life, and how to cope better with those stressors which cannot be minimized.

All CPC counselors offer help on stress-related issues. Meet our counselors and see who might be the best fit for you at Counselors or call our Referral Coordinator at (703) 903-9696 ext. 290 for a recommendation.