Many issues face women today, including the multiple roles that women often have to juggle in their lives (wife, partner, mother, employee, friend). As a result of these pressures, many women struggle with their our own identities and their roles in their families, their careers, their churches and the world. While more opportunities than ever before are open to women, this can also mean more pressures than ever before as women attempt to discern their calling and juggle their multiple responsibilities. Talking with a counselor who works with women’s issues may help you to look at your life in a broader perspective, and honor your role, not only in your own life, family and career but in history and society. The choices today’s women make pave the road for our daughters and sons.

These CPC counselors work with women’s issues:

Kasey Best, MC
Carey Gauzens, LCSW, CP
Nancy Scott, LCSW