Young adulthood is a time of tremendous opportunity, and also of great transition. As teenagers become adults, and go to college, go out into the workplace and begin relationships, seek independents and begin a career, they face many questions: “Who am I and what kind of a person do I want to be?” “What is important to me?” “Where are my priorities?” “How well do I function in my relationships?” “What kind of a life partner am I looking for?” In addition to the transition and the opportunities, young adults also face many stressors: the struggle to become and remain independent; the challenge of drugs, alcohol and sexuality being more available, and learning to take on and manage their finances, living arrangements and relationships, in a way that was previously managed for them by the adults in their lives. Young adulthood is also the time when mental health issues such as anxiety and depression may be most likely to first manifest themselves. Counseling can provide valuable guidance and support as a young person struggles to find their own path in life.

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